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Blue Note Newsletter: Take our Member Satisfaction Survey!

Published 6 months ago • 2 min read

Hey Blues City Family!

Wow! What a summer! It's not unusual to see a dip over the summer months in class attendance, and while we've seen more weekend trips, overall, this summer has been rock-steady. A huge shout-out to you all for keeping that consistency.

A quick reminder not to forget to check-in when you take class. Pro-tip: you can sign in via the app on your phone - you don't even have to use the iPad!

There are two important things in this email:

  1. Member Satisfaction Survey - This is your chance to tell us about your Blues City experience so that we can continue to improve and do better for you.
  2. Bring a Friend in September - And we've got some sugar to help sweeten the deal for you too.

Take a look at all of the below and as always, see you in the gym!


Member Satisfaction Survey

Your experience at Blues City matters to us! Just like we do with fitness, we're on a mission to continually improve and provide you with the best experience possible. Help us achieve this by participating in our member satisfaction survey. Your valuable feedback will guide us in tailoring our facilities, programs and services as best we can to meet your expectations. Click the link below and share your thoughts.

Bring a Friend in September

Like we've done in the past, we are firing up our referral program for the entire month of September. If you have family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc that need exercise in their lives or are looking for a place to train, we're the place for them!

And of course - we like to sweeten the deal...

Any current members that refers a Buddy who signs up for a MEMBERSHIP will receive a free credit to their account for their next billing cycle (one credit per buddy, so this could be huge).

Shout out to our August anniversaries!

  • Conor Tobo - 3 years
  • Frank Hopper - 2 years
  • Vito Viola - 2 years
  • Lauren Smith - 2 years
  • Nolan Middendorf - 1 year
  • Makenna Santinga - 1 year
  • Daelen Morris - 1 year
  • Alyssa Armstrong - 1 year
  • Gabrielle Schmitz - 1 year
  • Jordan Sneed - 1 year
  • Bryan Ford - 1 year

Members of the Month: Lauren and Vito

A huge shoutout to our Members of August, Lauren Smith and Vito Viola!

Not only are these two some of our most consistent members, they have also officially become Blue City's cutest couple - always attending class together and often showing each other tons of support through cheers and high fives.

Since joining Blues City two years ago, both have made significant gains in their strength and body awareness with gymnastics. Additionally, they are so consistent that they've quickly become anchors to the evening classes - sharing their support to the entire class.

So when you see Lauren and Vito in the gym, show them the love they give with some extra cheers and high-fives.

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